Bambini -
A festive, colourful and. Theatrical.
Bambini - a place of crazy beauty

Whether you are in the heart of the City of Light or at the top of the mountains, as soon as you walk through the door, you are plunged into a contrasting, playful and sophisticated decor, evocative of dolce vita.

Virginie Friedmann and Delphine Versace, interior and exterior architects, have taken as their references the most beautiful, the craziest and the most joyful of their Italian hearts, combining noble and natural materials.

At Paris, glass from Murano, rattan, marble from Sienne, plaster, ceramics and flamboyant fabrics coexist with grace, brilliance and simplicity, creating a dreamlike bubble, a colourful and plant-based parenthesis: the change of scenery is intended to be joyful.

At Megève, Bambini places its guests in a warm and friendly atmosphere, revealing the best of the Italian mountains: raw materials, tones evoking nature, thick fabrics embroidered with mountain motifs, references to Tyrolean handicrafts, a folkloric dimension...

Close your eyes, you are in Italy.

A crazy pretty place!