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Bambini -

Between chic and cool, the party continues on the plate with beautiful pasta dishes wrapped in the best of Italy's producers: rigatoni al tartufo fetuccine with pesto, not forgetting the crispy mozza carrozza and arancini, and the famous Milanese escalope.

The centrepiece of the Bambini addresses, which could not better embody the place: the made-to-measure pizza oven, assembled piece by piece, from which will spring pizzas of a very special kind. A perfect blend of the Neapolitan pizza, domed, soft and fluffy, and the Roman pizza, thin, crispy and very, very well topped, this pizza, which will live and change with the seasons, is intended to be like the entire restaurant menu, gourmet and generous.

As for the dolci, to make life sweet, there are bombini, small Neapolitan doughnuts all warm to dip in melted chocolate and hazelnuts from Piémont, the giant lemon cake, or the huge cups of homemade ice cream, and the giant tiramisus to share.

The best dishes in Italy.