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At Palais de Tokyo, carefree and laughing Italy lives its life, with great blows of fiesta, bellezza and pasta. A crazy project with a popular and good-natured accent by the Paris Society family, a temple of celebration and fun.

This popular, festive and timeless neo-cantine is the temple of evenings with friends, family brunches and business lunches, at noon and evening.

Inside, it is sunny, free and generous Italy that welcomes you, with giant hanging chandeliers, high and low tables, intimate or for sharing, with shapes and curves worked to give an enveloping and warm feeling.

Outside, on the forecourt of Palais de Tokyo, the table will look likeaperitivo , generous with refreshing cocktails and cicchetti, the famous tapas of the boot.

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Between chic and cool, the party continues on the plate with beautiful pasta dishes wrapped in the best of Italy's producers: rigatoni carbonara, fetuccine al tartufo, not forgetting Milanese veal chops and beef tagliatas like in Florence.

As for the dolci, to make life sweet, there are bombini, small Neapolitan doughnuts all warm to dip in melted chocolate and hazelnuts from Piémont, the giant lemon cake, or the huge cups of homemade ice cream, and the giant tiramisus to share.


In the glass, the classics of Italian bars, entirely reinterpreted by crazy bartenders passionate about cocktails that are both sharp and cool. They tell us their version of the Crazy Bellini, the Negroni, the Amaretto Sour, the Spritz, all made with homemade bitters and syrups... And of course, we will discover a very nice list of Italian wines, from north to south. 

All this is accompanied by an Italian playlist evoking Dolce Vita. Bambini It's hard, if not impossible, to resist the atmosphere at Aperitivo or to go there at the end of the evening! 

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With the arrival of fine weather, Bambini makes the forecourt of Palais de Tokyo vibrate. Sheltered under fabric parasols and comfortably installed on flowery benches, the table takes on the air ofaperitivo , generous with cicchetti, the tapas of the boot.

Here's the treat: arrancini, those famous crispy risotto croquettes with string cheese, mozzarella fritters, creamy burrata, artichokes alla giudia and vitellos tonnatos, Italian charcuterie and focaccias, carpaccios and pizzas, all in a colourful, pure and simple beauty, rooted in a youthful and liberated Italy.
All this is accompanied by a selection of signature cocktails that are both cool and sharp!

This immersive, soft and warm place wakes up dolce vita all summer long in a whimsical and fanciful atmosphere, reflecting a dancing, free and carefree Italy.

The terrace is open every day from 12pm to 3pm and from 7pm to 2am. By reservation only (by mail or phone).

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Open 7 days a week
Booking recommended
(by phone, email or internet)
Monday to Friday
12 - 3pm

12h - 15h30
19h - 02h
(last order at 23h00)

13 Avenue du Président Wilson
75016 Paris
01 40 70 86 08

13 Avenue du Président Wilson
75016 Paris